Quality makes up one of Quilaban’s main values. We endeavor to show continuous improvement in everything we do and we keep high quality standards as reference.

Our Quality Management System is certified by APCER, in accordance with the 9001 ISO Standard, since 2005.

The quality of the products and services we offer, our focus on our clients' satisfaction and our effort in improving continuously have been acknowledged by our business partners and become clear in this certification.

We have our Quality Management System Certified

Quilaban expresses its commitment to Quality through:

  1. Compliance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001, Good Distribution Practices and Applicable Legislation;
  2. Suppliers seletion according with our needs of extending the range of products and the market requirements;
  3. Updating of employees’ skills;
  4. Customers’ satisfaction through compliance with their requirements, technical assistance, technical-scientific support and management advice;
  5. Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.



2020 was a year marked by the pandemic and the impacts arising. The intensity of the challenges reinforced the desire to be even closer to our customers and meet their needs.
Throughout the year, we counted with the contribution of 622 of our customers, who privileged us with their opinion and recommendations regarding the quality of our service.



The challenges reinforced also the importance of being closer to our suppliers, strengthening partnerships and relationships of mutual trust to respond to the needs of our customers.
In 2020, 77 of our products and services suppliers evaluated their satisfaction regarding our relationship.