The Healthcare business area  results from the fusion of Point-of-Care and Orthopedics areas, both already carrying a decade-long history at Quilaban. Designed for the commercialisation of health p roducts, at Point-of-Care we aim to offer the most advanced technology in equipments for a quick measurment of biochemical parameters in blood and urine, skin and hair analysis equipment and pregnancy tests, with our quality guarantee, promoting and supporting the expansion of the Pharmaceutical Services. We make it possible for our clients to carry out these tests together with their patients, obtaining the results immediately and therefore resulting in a differentiated follow-up.
In the Veterinary market, we have been offering complete solutions with high quality standards of hematology and biochemistry equipments and tests, accompanying the growth of this market and the technological evolution in this field.

We also have our own brand for some  product ranges ► Q-Health

Within Healthcare 0rthopedic's branch, initiated in 2004, we have a wide clients range from hospitals, pharmacies to orthopedics stores. We offer a wide portfolio of orthopedic products and medical consumables through the celebration of exclusive distribution agreements in Portugal with various companies and brands. We have our own brand for some product ranges – Q-Health.

To ensure the development of our commercial activity, we rely on a comercial team who develops the promotion of products and services and guidance of our clients all over the country, including Madeira and Azores. They also provide traning to our clients and show our healthcare products and devices. We can also provide our clients with technical-scientific support, specialised on different sectors of products as well as commercial support.

Human and veterinary Point-of-Care solutions, orthopedic products, orthopaedics and clinical consumables