Our History

Quilaban - Quimica Laboratorial Analitica (Analytical Laboratory Chemistry) - came to be in 1974. It stands as a business project rising from the heritage left to us by Victor Hugo da Silva Cordeiro in the form of the pharmaceutical supply developed in 1940, together with the import and trading of biotechnology and in vitro diagnostics solutions. Firm on its high standards of professionalism and excellence, Quilaban celebrated multiple partnerships throughout the years in diagnostics, a large number of wich has lasted for over 20 years, making it a reference partner in the market. The partnership-based culture incorporating the genetic code of this company is another reason behind its long-lasting activity.

A business project rising from the heritage of the pharmaceutical distribution

The entrepreneurial vision of its associates has led to the launch, in 2004, of the Orthopedics business and in 2005 the Point of Care and Veterinary business by expanding the portfolio of trade products and borders of the markets in which it performs. The expansion of borders was noticeable in geographical terms, by means of internationalisation. In 2007, Quilaban set out to export to Angola as well through the implementation of AustralPharma within the relevant companies, transferring many competencies developed in Portugal into that market. In 2010, expanded its portfolio once again by complementing the Orthopaedics area with consumables within the Healthcare area. In 2013 its international presence reached to Mozambique with MDS company and also to India where it brought up the Quilaban Pharma Trading Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, in order to smooth the process of sourcing of Indian products to Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and other international markets.