To generate sustained value by promoting the access to Health Care

Our aim is to promote the access to health care, through our distribution services and the supply of medicines as well as other health products.

To be the reference partner in the development and implementation of efficient, integrated and innovative solutions, that promote the access to health care

Our knowledge and experience in the health care markets, mainly in what concerns medicines supply combined with the proficiencies of our human resources and our strong culture of partnership, made us a reference in the market in what regards the access to health care.

 Innovation and efficiency are the focus elements in our company culture, allowing us to positively respond to the constant challenges presented to us in the market. 

We are compromised to our customers and committed in satisfying their needs, overcoming their expectations.


Promote the cooperation and integration of competencies through partnerships built upon trustful, wide and transparent relationships.


We cultivate trust through close relationships and competent and consistent approaches, fulfilling on what we promised.


Innovation is a key feature of our culture, making us creative and unique in our approaches and in the solutions we present.


We serve passionately and in a consistent and determined way all of our customers, complying with our promises.


We develop simple solutions and promote an easy relationship with our partners.


We are committed to a continuous improvement, having high standard levels of quality as a reference.