Diagnostic Area


We maintain long-lasting partnerships with many of our suppliers, strengthened by exclusive distribution agreements. The main areas we perform in are microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, immunohematology and drugs of abuse. We promote our products and equipment to hospitals, private labs, universities, institutes, research centres, quality control for microbiology industry labs and diagnostics wholesalers. Top quality and competitive prices are important arguments when responding to the challenges and demands our clients put forward.

Our back-office is sustained by a technical-scientific support manager and a commercial assistant

While we carry out our promotional duties, we rely on a team of commercial managers and applications specialists who visit our clients all over the country, including Madeira and Azores. Applications specialists respond to the demands within the field of technical-scientific support, providing trainig as well as demonstrations of equipment, health products and lab tools, organizing scientific meetings and studies. Our back-office is sustained by a technical-scientific support manager and a commercial assistant.

We consider our team’s training and growth as one of our top priorities and, as such, our entire team has a degree in life sciences. We have placed over three hundred automated systems of various types and origins all over the country. Our team of Service Engineers assures the installation and preventive and corrective maintenance of all equipments.

Solutions for product lines aimed at the market of Microbiology Quality Control, Clinical Diagnostics, Biotechnology and Research